Registration for the new kindergarten year!

Here is a brief explanation of the registration process for the upcoming kindergarten year.
Click on the different circles for more info.

Step 1 pdf

1. Download & print the .pdf

Download the .pdf.
Simply click on the two arrows in the upper right corner and press "print" or directly on the printer icon.

Step 2 fill in

2. Fill out the form

After downloading the form, fill it out and put all other required documents together in an envelope.
Tip: If you need help translating the form, "Google Translator" offers a helpful function. To do this, follow this link:

Step 3 submit

3. hand in documents

When everything is carefully filled in, put it in an envelope.

This should be labeled with your name and deliver the documents to us personally.

Step 4 ready!

Done - so easy!

When you have submitted everything, we will contact you.

However, please note that due to flexible deadlines, it may take a little longer!